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$HELP$ Medi+ssage get recognized to help others@the AMTA National Conferance

Updated: May 31, 2023

Every dollar matters as we work to get to the American Massage Therapy Association's National Conference in August. We’ve set a goal to raise $1975 and we’re asking you to help us reach it so we can learn, network, and meet with other massage therapists from across the US.

Your donation will help cover expenses for registration, travel, and accommodations so we can partake in this wonderful event. Whether you’re able to give a small donation of $25 or a larger gift of $100 or more, your contribution to our cause will make a huge difference!

We truly appreciate your generosity and look forward to representing you at the AMTA National Conference. Your support will empower us to expand our knowledge and bring new ideas and techniques back to our clients. Thank you for your consideration! Click the link to Donate today

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